Cremation Society of Windsor & Essex County Inc.

Brian Parent
Transfer Service Operator

3260 Dougall Ave.
Windsor, Ontario  N9E 1S6
Fax 519-969-3276
Owned by Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre Inc.

We are proud to say no member of our Team receives an incentive or commission for any decisions you make.  You can be confident that the Cremation Society staff will not attempt to oversell you merchandise or supply services you do not want.


Direct Cremation

Basic professional Fee
The services of a licensed funeral director and support team for the coordination and scheduling of disposition burial or cremation.  Administration and services of a licensed establishment for the proper care of the deceased.

Professional arrangement consultation with a licensed funeral director to gather information for the completion of government forms, provide options and make recommendations for disposition and funeral services.  (this service is not required if you complete the arrangement online) 



Completion and filing of all necessary documents pertaining to rendering the services and supplies requested, including but not limited to municipal death registration and obtaining disposition permit and cremation authorizations.


Initial Transport of Remains
Staff use of vehicle and related equipment from hospital to crematory at the convenience of the Cremation Society (within 30km).
(Additional charges from home or long-tern care facility.)


Other Services

Up to 12 Funeral Director’s Certificate of Death


Transferring from a home or Long-term care facility requires immediate attention of our staff and the use of our facilities to shelter the remains.   Additional fees:
* Facilities (Shelter Remains) when required to hold in our facility prior to cremation
Identification room. (requires use of holding facilities)
Picking up cremated remains from the crematorium (at our convenience within 72 hours). No additional charge.

Cremation Witness (Meet at cemetery)



Additional Mileage- When traveling beyond 30km from our facility a charge per km will added, based on distance and charged per Kilometer both ways from 3260 Dougall to and from destination.                                                                                     $1.25

Arrange for Pace Maker Removal

Coroner Certificates for cremation and/or out of province
transfer including e-filing services

Caskets  |  Full size adult caskets Suitable for Cremation

Corrugated Choices  CFCS Model #L6000 made of fibreboard      


Caden fibreboard construction, unlined interior. Batesville$745
Webster Grey Cloth ES16 Covered oval top, white interior, fibreboard. Batesville$1,395
Butler Select wood, white satin interior. 1350 Batesville                $1,795

Signature Tributes  |  Urn Selection

Butterfly Brass - 4217    $495
Marble - U27             $495

Marble - U14      

Hand Painted Book Urn-A013            $395


Disbursements are items arranged for and possibly paid for on your behalf by Families First. You are expected to pay for these items at the time the contract is entered into. The following are some items that are often identified as disbursements:

Coroner’s fee: This is a fee charged by the coroner for issuing a certificate that allows cremation to take place. The fee is set by the Chief Coroner for Ontario.

Newspaper or Web notices: These are charges for death notices placed in newspapers or other media outlets.

Municipal death registration fee: This is a fee charged by the local municipality to register the death. The fee is set by the municipality and may vary.

Payment Policy

Payment is due when signing the contract. Payment may be made by cash,  debit, Visa or Mastercard.  Cremation Society reserves the right to change its payment policy.  Beyond the allotted time, interest will be charged at a rate of 18% per annum (APR).   Visa or Mastercard may be used at the time of purchase, but may not be used if payment is made after services and supplies are provided.  

If costs are an issue, please ask us about alternative services or supplies, assistance from the City of Windsor Social Services department, or the Department of Veterans Affairs.   We are also pleased to explain direct bank withdraws, assignment payments, Canada Pension Benefits, life insurance claim options, or any other funding you may be aware of.


For your convenience, we offer two funding options when prepaying services or supplies. When prepaying, you pay for the services and supplies today and the money will be used to pay for the services and supplies when they are delivered at the time of death.

Trust: You may pay the money directly to us and we will place it in an eligable trust, where it will accrue interest until the contract is fulfilled (when the services and supplies are delivered) or the contract is cancelled.

Insurance: You may purchase an insurance contract where the proceeds of the insurance contract will be used to pay for the services or supplies at the time they are delivered or the contract is cancelled.


Funeral Services can only be purchased from a licenced Funeral Home.
 Price lists for such services are available upon request from
Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre (519-969-5841).

Estate Benefit Services

After the death of your loved one, you are often left with the responsibilities that may seem insurmountable.  Putting these tasks off can often delay benefits to a surviving spouse or child.  In order to help your family complete these tasks in a timely manner, Cremation Society will:

  • Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan lump sum Death Benefit.
  • Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan monthly Survivor’s Pension.
  • Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan monthly Children’s Benefit.
  • Obtain and complete life insurance claimant forms.
  • Obtain and complete employer health, life insurance and pension forms.
  • Give notification and supply Certificates of Death to any bank, trust company, union, etc.
  • Deliver all completed forms to their required locations.
  • Complete any other services you may require.

We also will provide you with an Estate Benefit Portfolio which aids in keeping your tasks, information and papers organized.  This Portfolio also contains helpful information that you may need after the death of your loved one, such our Estate Benefit Checklist, Responsibilities of the Executor, Addition Notifications, and Bereavement and Support Services.

Fee:  Estate Benefits purchased from Cremation Society               $295 

The Cremation Society of Windsor & Essex County exists solely to provide the least expensive option in direct cremation available.  We have eliminated as many staff services as possible and strictly limited the use of facilities to be able to be the most cost conscious option available in Essex County.  We strongly recommend you consider having a ceremony of some type to commemorate and celebrate a life lived.